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Thursday Tip: Four Great Tips on Preparing for Inspection (in COVID-19 Times)

Everyone facing inspection tends to find preparing for it very stressful. The main thing to remember for your peace of mind is that you believe in the excellent service you provide and in your staff’s abilities. Just stay focused on the great care and environment you provide for the children and do your best to ignore the presence of the inspector.

During these COVID-19 times, there are a few important tips to remember about inspection, demonstrating that your service is safety-conscious and compliant with COVID-19 guidelines. Here are four things your inspector may expect:

  1. Contact tracing details to be recorded (should a positive case arise in your service, you will need to have direct contact details to inform your inspector as part of the contact tracing procedure)
  2. Signing into the service Visitor Book (they are a visitor to your service)
  3. Filling out a ‘Fit to Enter’ wellness checklist form that eliminates any possible COVID symptoms and confirms that the visitor has not been in contact with a positive case or been asked to self-isolate
  4. To be asked for consent if their temperature is to be taken and recorded before entering the care rooms

Keep your eyes out for a Preparing for Inspection pack that we will be coming out with soon so you too can avoid the stress that comes with feeling as if you aren’t ready to be inspected!