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Support Children’s Emerging Interests with New Rugby Curriculum Plan Pack

The 2019 Rugby World Cup, hosted by Japan, has kicked off and will run until the 2nd November. There are twenty teams taking part in the tournament and Ireland is one of those teams. Are any of the children in your setting showing an interest in supporting Ireland or any of the other teams who are playing in the World Cup? Is there more talk about rugby in your class than there normally would be? Are the children looking to play rugby during playtime? To support those emerging interests we have come up with a new rugby Curriculum Plan. This curriculum plan will give you activity ideas for the World Cup and how you can support the children’s emerging interests around the topic of rugby while tying in with the Aistear Themes Well being and Identity and Belonging.

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How Supporting The World Cup can give children a sense of belonging

From the time children are born they begin to develop a sense of who they are – their own identity. This happens through their relationships with those around them including family members, other children and friends within their community. Belonging is when children have a secure relationship or connection with a group of people. Supporting a team in the World Cup Tournament can give children a sense of who they are and where they belong. Decorating the classroom with flags and bunting they have made themselves and wearing their team colours will give the children a sense of involvement, pride and team spirit. With the exposure of the World Cup there may be a surge in children who wish to play rugby themselves which shows that they have gained confidence to try something new and take them out of their comfort zone. By playing a new sport they will not only be exposed to more physical exercise but it will also give them positive attitudes towards commitment, resilience and persistence.

See description of Aistear Theme: Identity and Belonging