Special Outdoor Bundle for Social Distancing at Your Service!

This week gives services a chance to ensure all is in place for accepting staff/children back into the setting on Monday, 8th of March.  According to the Tusla Guidance Document for COVID-19 there are five main areas that need to be addressed before a re-opening. Two of these areas include Communication with Parents and the Physical Environment. It includes making sure that the outdoor area of your service is clearly marked for social distancing. It also includes making sure that the appropriate signage is displayed to ensure that parents do not gather in the area.

Special Outdoor Bundle - Make a saving of €37.00!

In the area of Communication with Parents and the Physical Environment Tusla point out that the following should be arranged:

  • Ensure that parents/guardians or accompanying adults do not gather at the entrances to the service. This can be facilitated by arranging drop-off times at intervals and have clearly demarcated areas for drop-offs or collections. 
  • Establish a drop off and collection point outside the childcare setting.
  • Handovers of children at arrival and collection times with parents/guardians should be kept
    brief and staggered. 
  • Display appropriate signage, such as physical distancing markers on the ground
    outside the entrance of the service.
  • Consider creating multiple entrances and exits to the building, where more than
    one is available, to help avoid crowding and facilitate social distancing.

The Special Outdoor Bundle has been created for Services to ensure that exterior areas are clearly marked for social distancing in line with the guidelines. The bundle includes 6 x spray paint primers, 6 x fluorescent spray paint cans, our great "footprint" stencil and an A1 laminated No Congregating Poster. This product bundle ensures social distance markers are in place but done using child-friendly fun and bright colours! By ensuring that your outdoor area is clearly marked you are adhering to the Tusla and HSE guidelines on Covid-19. If you purchase these products individually you would pay €185.00 but with this great new bundle offer you save €37.00 as you only pay €148.00!

15% Discount on Stencils and Spray Paint!

If you have outdoor social distancing measures in place already but you are looking to freshen up the area we are delighted to offer a 15% discount on ALL outdoor stencils and spray paints. You can choose from the Feet Stencil or the Arrow Stencil as well as a range of matt or fluorescent Spray Paint and Primers! You can paint over existing markers to ensure they are still clearly visible to visitors. You could also extend your markers to other outdoor areas as required.



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