Simple tips on Ensuring Safety and Efficiency of Heating in Your Service

It is essential that you make sure your radiators, boilers and heaters are working efficiently this winter. And even more important, you need to make sure they are running safely for the safety of staff and children. This is also an important part of being prepared for inspection.

Here are a few important tips for safe and efficient heating:

  • Maintain room temperatures in compliance with the Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016
  • 16-20°c for sleep rooms
  • 18-20°c for all other rooms
  • Exposed surfaces of any heat source should not exceed 50°c; this includes radiators, heaters, and any exposed pipes.
  • Do not use gas heaters or other portable heaters
  • Use thermostatic controls for all heaters

Very important: You should schedule a boiler service at the beginning of the heating season every year. You should ensure that you get service from an experienced and qualified service engineer/technician. Keep a record of boiler service in case of inspection - download this week's Friday Freebie: Heating Record (taken from our Office Pack which has many more useful forms/records).

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