New Shape Detectives curriculum plan

We are continuing our contribution to early years education of basic maths concepts with our new Curriculum Plan: Shape Detectives. We have ideas for activities and ideas around not only shapes but also fundamental concepts essential to the way we use mathematics to understand the world. We explore ideas of sorting, measuring, comparing quantities and amounts and other building blocks of understanding maths.

The Shape Detectives curriculum plan is available free of charge to subscribers to the Early Years Resource Factory. For a small quarterly fee, subscribers have access to create their own monthly newsletter for their service, family notices, and a whole range of records, notices, menus and other printables that will help you prepare for inspection and keep your service well-organised and well-informed. We add new curriculum plans to the Early Years Resource Factory regularly.

The other way you can get your own copy of the Shape Detectives curriculum plan is to make a purchase of €50 or more from the Early Years Shop in the month of December. Your purchase can consist of policies, curriculum plan packs, form packs, educational tools and toys, programmes for early years dance and music education, or any of the other fine early years educational products we carry at the Early Years Shop.

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