Risk Assessment Toolkit Buildings

These risk assessment forms have been designed to support childcare providers to comply with Health and Safety Legislation, Preschool Regulations (2006) and Children First (2011). It is a legal requirement to carry out risk assessments, not only of your building, but also when you take children on outings. These risk assessment forms provide all the prompts to carry out the risk assessment and therefore saves hours of thinking and typing. If something doesn’t apply simply mark it as N/A: Not Applicable.
A full formal risk assessment should take place monthly. Also make sure that staff carry out a simple daily risk assessment, enter hazards into a risk log and alert management.


Inspectors are now reviewing your risk assessment processes so ensure compliance and get started today!

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Buildings Pack – Indoors and Outdoors

  • Daily Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Entrance (Outdoors)
  • Outdoor Play Area (Outdoors)
  • Lobby Area (Indoors)
  • Changing Area/Sanitary Area (Indoors)
  • Sleep Area (Indoors)
  • Kitchen Area (Indoors)
  • Children’s Rooms (Indoors)
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