Getting Ready to Return to Work: Covid-19 Paperwork

As services start to plan to return to work it is time to consider the paperwork that is needed and start putting it together. 

We are strongly advising to separate your Covid-19 paperwork from your regular policies and procedures. These enhanced procedures are only in place for the duration of the emergency. 

The team at Canavan Byrne will have a pack ready within the next few weeks which will be available from the Early Years Shop. Watch this space!

See below for Covid-19 Policy details.

Covid-19 Signage and Safety Products for Returning to Work

Many services are now preparing for their return to work with signage and floor stickers to help remind children, staff and visitors of important hygiene and social distancing procedures.


A Covid-19 Policy which Includes a Comprehensive Response plan

Staff and Contractors

  • Contractor Work Questionnaire
  • Return to Work Questionnaire
  • Induction Programme for Returning Staff
  • Risk Checklist to be Used if a Staff Member Becomes Sick in the Service
  • Addendum to Contracts of Employment

The Child

  • Child Return to Service Questionnaire
  • Risk Checklist to be Used if a Child Becomes Sick in the Service


  • Parental Agreement
  • Authorisation to Take Temperature
  • Admissions Policy

Forms and Checklists

  • Cleaning Schedules to Include Disinfection Regime
  • Enhanced Daily Risk Checks

Sample Covid-19 Policy Content


Policy Statement

  • Most common symptoms
  • How it is transmitted
  • How to reduce transmission


Covid-19 Staff Return to Work Form
Covid-19 Staff Induction
Covid-19 Lead Staff Representative
Isolation Room or Area

Attending the Service

  • Staff
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Visitors/Contractors

Dealing with a Suspected Case of Covid-19 in the Service

  • Staff
  • Child

Reducing Transmission of Covid-19

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Respiratory Hygiene
  • Social Distancing

Arrival and Collection of Children Procedures


Communication with Parents

Procedures for Reducing Risk of Transmission

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Respiratory Hygiene
  • Face Masks (used on occasion)
  • Temperature Testing
  • Vaccination
  • Social Distancing - Staff
  • Physical Contact with Children
  • Staff Breaks
  • Staff Spaces
  • Meetings
  • Staff Clothing

Working with Children

  1. Groups of Children
  2. Environment
  3. Activities
  4. Trips
  5. Mealtimes
  6. Children's Personal Care

Children's Play Pods



Board of Management Approval and Sign-off

Staff Member's Sign-off on the Policy

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