Requirements for Staff Rosters: Tuesday Tip

Do you have a Staff Roster visibly posted in your early years service?

Remember your staff roster must show the following:

  • The ratio of each room
  • The hours worked by each staff, their breaks and how their breaks are covered (by whom). This should match with the ‘sign in and out of the room’ records
  • That a Person in Charge (PIC) is on duty for every minute of the day
  • That a First Aid Responder is on duty for every minute of the day

Early Years Resource Factory members have access to our new Weekly Staff Roster creation tool that makes it quick and easy to generate a printable staff roster with details of hours worked, breaks and cover, and verifies the presence of a Person in Charge (PIC) and First Aid Responder (FAR) at all times.

Are you familiar with the other useful tools and templates available from the Early Years Resource Factory? In addition to the new Weekly Staff Roster EYRF members have access to a range of other Staff templates to create attractive and informative staff profiles to post with information about staff members, as well as hundreds of other templates, records and signs for your service.

Many EYRF members love the access to the monthly Newsletter Creator. The Newsletter Creator gives members the power to easily create their own 1- or 2-page newsletter each month. We provide a professionally-designed template with seasonal background. Canavan Byrne provides optional content - choose from a number of interesting and topical articles that are informative for families as well as important news in regulation or other items relating to early years education. Add your own content to inform parents about schedule changes, new facilities, "hellos and goodbyes" for staff and children in the service, or whatever you want to spread the word about.

If you haven't tried out EYRF yet, sign up for a free trial today and try out the new Weekly Staff Roster creator!

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