Regulation 14 Annual Review for Early Years Services

As we head into a new year, it is a good time to start thinking about your preschool annual review. Under TUSLA’s Regulation 14 (Governance), Early Years Services are expected to conduct a comprehensive Annual Review (in the form of a comprehensive self-assessment). This review will examine the implementation of policies and procedures from the previous year and assess where practices can improve for the future.

Under Section 2 (Governance) of the Quality and Regulatory Framework is Regulation 14: Review of a Preschool Service. Tusla states that:

'As a registered provider, you must ensure that the Quality and Safety of the care and service provided to children is reviewed at least once a year in line with the regulations. The review is a formal assessment of the service, including its policies, procedures and statements, with the intention of making changes if necessary. A review of practice helps you to make informed judgements about the quality and effectiveness of the service, with a view to improving the quality of care and education of the children. You must keep a record of the review for three years after it was done.'

Regulation 14 Annual Review for Early Years Service - Comprehensive Pack from Canavan Byrne

Canavan Byrne's Annual Review for Early Years Services is a comprehensive pack that is compiled in a simple and structured format. Here are five great reasons to purchase this pack:

  1.  An Annual Review of a Preschool Service (Regulation 14) is a regulatory requirement and should be carried out on an annual basis. The results of this review should be kept on file for 3 years. 
  2. Community Services are obligated to comply with Charity regulations and must carry out an annual review every year. The Annual Review is the ideal template for this process.
  3. Guidelines and regulations are scattered throughout the Quality Framework Regulations. For example, you may find the item 'Sleep' in more than one section. One important advantage of using the Canavan Byrne Annual Review Pack is that it brings these elements together into a simple, structured, user-friendly and interactive format.
  4. The Annual Review is a comprehensive document that will save you hours of work compiling review documentation yourself. Everything required to carry out your annual review is included in the pack helping you to assess policies, procedures, statements, safety and quality. The pack also includes all the paperwork required to identify and make changes and to record outcomes and improvements, where required. There are evaluation and observation templates to ensure quality of practice is observed and recorded.
  5. The Annual Review not only sets out a checklist for Regulatory Requirement and compliance, it also incorporates best practice based on the review of multiple inspections reports and inspection feedback.

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Services can purchase this comprehensive pack as one whole document or choose from individual sections. All documents are downloadable files and will be emailed to you instantly upon purchase. Once received, the document should be downloaded and saved to a laptop or PC. If you are an Early Years Resource Factory member you will receive a 15% discount on this product (a savings of €27.00). For further information on this pack, you can watch the below video from Canavan Byrne's very own, Jennifer Lee.

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