Valentine’s Day Curriculum Plan 2018



Our Valentine’s Day Curriculum Plan is a great resource to learn and play around the themes of love, kindness, and friendship as well as some information about the holiday itself. This curriculum plan is not part of our large curriculum packs (such as Spring, Summer etc.) so it is only available on the Early Years Shop on its own. Remember, you can also get unlimited access to all our curriculum plans with a subscription to the Early Years Resource Factory.

This curriclum plan includes these activities:

  • Heart Shaped Bird Feeders (NEW FOR 2018)
  • Mosaic Heart (NEW FOR 2018)
  • Musical Hearts (NEW FOR 2018)
  • Suncatcher Heart (NEW FOR 2018)
  • Acts of Kindness Board
  • Being Kind to people in your Community
  • Kindness Stones Craft
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Kind Words
  • Books about Love and Friendship
  • Drawing Heart Rhyme
  • Love Potion Activity
  • Valentine’s Day Card Shop
  • Valentines’ Day in Different Languages
  • Heart Pairs Matching Game
  • Secret Something
  • Cake for Me
  • Pink Painting
  • Cupid’s Arrow
  • Love Stories
  • Facts about Valentine’s Day
  • Who Was St. Valentine?
  • Friend Name Cards
  • Lost Arrow Hunt
  • Fishing for Love
  • Happy Hearts
  • Visit a Place of Worship
  • Anatomy for Kids
  • Observations and plans