Prepare Easter Activities for Next Week

We'd like to remind everyone to prepare some Easter-themed activities for next week. We're offering an updated Easter Curriculum Plan Pack with lots of activities around the theme of Easter.
We're updating many of our curriculum plans through 2017, and Easter is no exception! Subscribers to the Early Years Resource Factory will get access to the Easter Curriculum Plans at no additional cost.

If you aren't yet a subscriber to the Early Years Resource Factory, we have the Easter Curriculum Plans available for purchase from the Early Years Shop. And don't forget to use the discount code EASTER to receive 15% off almost everything on the Early Years Shop from now until Easter! This offer lasts through Saturday, 15th April.

Our Curriculum Plans are a fantastic way to support  an emergent curriculum and respond to the unique interests of each child. You can build up a library of ideas and resources and use them flexibly as new interests emerge!

If you are interested in the Early Years Resource Factory and aren't yet subscribed, you can sign up now for a no-obligation 7-day Free Trial!

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