Positive Behaviour Level 2 Advanced Training Webinar

Positive Behaviour Level 2 Advanced Training Webinar - book your place now! Have you already completed the Positive Behaviour training with Canavan Byrne trainer Nicola Erasmus?

If so, then you will be delighted to hear that the Positive Behaviour Level 2 Advanced training takes place this Thursday, 21st July at 7pm. This course has been designed for practitioners who have already carried out the Positive Behaviour Level 1 course and would like to gain further in-depth knowledge in this area.

A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of this webinar. This training webinar runs for 2 hours in the evening from 7-9pm. Course content and the certificate of completion will be emailed to each participant the following day.

Positive Behaviour Level 2 - Managing Challenging Behaviour

Many of our Early Years Shop customers have already completed this course and have gained much knowledge in this area. When practitioners have the right tools, techniques and understanding, challenging behaviour can be handled effectively and with confidence.

As part of this training practitioners will learn how best to create an emotional environment in the classroom. Furthermore, services can learn how to make the most out of existing daily activities and where mindfulness can be used in the classroom. Here is an overview of what will be included in this training webinar;

  • Reflective practitioner questioning.
  • Applied behaviour analysis basics - behaviour as data.
  • Intensive interactions Introduction.
  • Creating an emotional environment within the classroom - how to make use of activities as well as structured and explorative play. In addition, games that will encourage curiosity.
  • The environment as the third teacher - detailed exploring on the invitation to play.
  • Small group and large group time as a strategy. What does this entail? How to link with Aistear Síolta & structured group play.
  • Classroom Mindfulness
  • 6 steps of conflict resolution for all ages - an in-depth look.


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