Policy and Procedure Writing Service


Due to high demand, we are taking bookings for our policy writing service over the next few months so that we will ensure that all those who need policies won’t be disappointed!  We will ensure that your policies are developed according the Child Care Act 1991(Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 and are tailor-made to suit your service. Our content is based on the latest legislation but also on our constant review of recent inspection reports and the various explanation documents that have been circulated from Tusla since June 2016.

This service removes the headache of spending hours developing policies to ensure they contain the relevant content and gives you peace of mind in the event of an inspection. It is very important that your record keeping matches the policies so we give you all your records too!

See what our Clients Say....

I engaged the services of Canavan Byrne when I was developing and updating the Policies & Procedures for my service. I also attended their workshop entitled "Preparing for your Tusla Inspection". Both of these were of huge benefit to me when my service was recently inspected by Tusla. Canavan Byrne are professionals who are a great support in childcare & running a childcare business.

Thanks to Canavan Byrne for the fantastic help and support! An invaluable service for those working in Early Years Education. Highly recommended.

Fantastic help - always get back to you if you have a problem re childcare, etc.

Canavan Byrne have provided excellent and affordable HR advice and support to Mega Kids childcare facilities. With a phone call or click of an email staff return with the supports necessary for our service. We have found their Recruitment and childcare policies & procedures service an invaluable asset to management. We are thankful to Canavan Byrne for supporting us in being compliant with NERA, Tusla and other relevant bodies this year.  

Tá muid ann-sásta lenár bpolasaithe chúram leanaí anseo sa Naíonra. Mholíodh muid thú go dtí aon seirbhísí chúram leanaí eile.  (We are very satisfied with our childcare policies here in the Naionra. We would recommend you to any other childcare services.) 

If you wish to book in for your Policies  to be 'updated or developed' please contact Anna on 016235908 or email reception@canavanbyrne.ie

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