Graduation Ceremony Time – It’s not Too Late to Organise Yours!

Isn't it about time you get your graduation ceremony organised?

Get Your Graduation Gowns, Certificates and Banners Now!

We can supply our great high-quality washable graduation gowns in a choice of colours: Black, royal blue, red or gold. Costs from just €20.75. All of our gowns also come with a cap, 2018 charm and tassel. Order your graduation gowns now and for no extra charge you'll get downloadable graduation certificates and access to our Graduation Certificate Creator where you can create your own graduation certificates for the children in your service.

Order 5 or more graduation gowns for your graduation ceremony  today and we'll send a customised graduation banner for no extra charge!

Early years graduation ceremonies are a wonderful occasion.

  • help children with the transition to "big school"
  • celebrate with children and staff
  • photos are wonderful memories for families
  • great opportunity for "thank yous" and "goodbyes"

Did you know? We are also now offering graduation gowns for primary school graduations on the Early Years Shop.

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