New Recruitment Pack Available on The Early Years Shop!

New Recruitment Pack now available to purchase on the Early Years Shop! Are you struggling with your current recruitment process? Do you need some guidance documents to help you with this process? We are delighted to announce another amazing product brought to you by Canavan Byrne.

This comprehensive 20-piece Recruitment Pack includes all that is required to support the onboarding of new staff members. In this pack, you will receive many samples of templates that are relevant to the different stages of the recruitment process. This includes interviews, induction, probation and beyond.

Furthermore, it includes customisable word documents such as letter templates, scoring systems, checklists and review forms that you can amend to suit your own service requirements. This pack has all you require in one place and will save you time and effort.

Recruitment Pack - Establishing a Robust Onboarding Process

As an employer it is important to create a robust onboarding process. Doing this will allow you to employ the most suitable candidates that fit with your company ethos. When you have all of the correct templates to hand the process will be more efficient. Furthermore, the candidates will see you are serious and professional in your approach and will make their decision easier to accept that new job offer.

Recruitment with ECCE Jobs @ Canavan Byrne

If you are not having much luck with job advertisements then you may like the Canavan Byrne ECCE job advertisement service. This service will post your job advertisements on the Canavan Byrne website. As part of the Premium Job Posting a graphic is created using your service logo/preferred colours and is shared across Canavan Byrne social media platforms including Face Book, Instagram and LinkedIn. This exposure will allow more potential candidates see the positions you are offering allowing for a quicker turnaround of staff placement. Click here for products and price options available.

Furthermore, Canavan Byrne offer CV development, graphic designs for advertisement, shortlisting support, external interview services and much more. If you are interested in any of these items please email for more information.

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