New Non-Alcohol Sanitising & Disinfecting Products

The Early Years Shop is excited to now offer the Dew range of non-alcohol disinfectants. Dew Disinfect is 99.995% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores and is 30 times more effective than bleach.

Dew products are made from electrolysed water and are safe, skin-friendly and effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. The active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, has been tested by Hokkaido University, Japan and they found it was effective in killing the coronavirus in solution as shown in this report (automatically translated from the Japanese by Google Translate).


"The hypochlorous water inactivates the new corona almost instantly, it's safe, easy to get, and less irritating to the skin than alcohol. It can be recommended as a disinfectant for hands and fingers to prevent new corona infections."
- Hidehiko Tamaki, emeritus professor of Hokkaido University (epidemiology, from Nakijin-mura) who was the director of the Energy Education and Welfare Foundation who led the experiment.

Electrolysed Water and Hypochlorous Acid

Dew products are created by a simple process of running electricity through salt water - this is known as "electrolysis". The electrolysis process causes the creation of hypochlorous acid, a mildly acidic compound that is also created and used inside the human body to fight infection.

All Dew products can be refilled from our low-cost 2.5L or 5L refill cans.

Do these products contain toxic chemicals?

The chemicals in Dew disinfecting products are not toxic in these concentrations. Dew complies with the requirements of the European Biocide Regulation EU528/2012 Product Types 1-5, which means it is deemed not to be harmful to humans, animals or plants and it has been tested to BS EN 901 as being fit for human consumption in drinking water.

Safe and Effective

The Dew range of products has no alcohol and no parabens, they are non-toxic and safe for use around children, pets and food prep areas. They have been found to be 99.995% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores in tests complying with EU regulations.


Dew Products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, reusable and refillable with a low carbon footprint, paraben free, not toxic and safe for use around your family, children, pets and food preparation areas.

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