New Newsletter for March 2018

We have put our new Newsletter Creator on the system for March 2018. Our Newsletter Creator enables you to quickly and easily produce a professional 1- or 2-page newsletter for the families of children in your service. With our partners, Canavan Byrne, we provide a selection of articles for you to include as you wish along with any content relevant to your service such as announcements of new staff or staff leaving the service, new children, any scheduling updates or reminders to families of your policies services.

The services that use the Newsletter Creator find it an indispensable part of communicating with families.
Purchase access to the Newsletter Creator for March only
or become a member of the Early Years Resource Factory
and get free access to the Newsletter Creator along with hundreds of other printables and all our Curriculum Plans!
This month's newsletter content includes informative articles on threadworm, facts and festivals in February, the history of Valentine's Day, and modelling kindness.

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