New Curriculum Plan: Maths through Play

Numeracy is essential in early years education. With the new curriculum plan Maths through Play, the Early Years Resource Factory will help you introduce numeracy and basic maths concepts to the children in your service.

The Importance of Literacy and Numeracy

We are all aware of the importance of promoting literacy at all ages, beginning with reading stories and playing verbal games with young children. But sometimes the importance of numeracy and awareness of basic maths concepts can be neglected. Young children should be encouraged to begin thinking about what it means to count, how to order objects by size or quantity, basics of measuring and number lines, recognising patterns, and many more components of the new Maths through Play curriculum plan from the Early Years Resource Factory.

Free Curriculum Plans from the Early Years Resource Factory

The Early Years Resource Factory is a portal to a range of printable resources for early years educators. For a small quarterly subscription fee, early years services get access to a large range of printable records and notices, a newsletter builder for your early years service to inform and educate families, menus, placemats, vocabulary cards, and our curriculum plans which are regularly updated by Canavan Byrne, the early years education specialists. With a subscription to the Early Years Resource Factory you'll get access to the new Maths through Play curriculum plans as well as hundreds of other plans and activities organised by season or educational theme. All of our curriculum plans are linked to Aistear Themes, Montessori and learning development. Sign up for the Early Years Resource Factory now or register for a free 7-day trial.

Maths through Play Curriculum Plan Free with Purchase from the Early Years Shop

For the rest of this month, you will receive the Maths through Play curriculum plans and printables free with any purchase of €50 or more from the Early Years Shop. We recommend anyone who isn't ready to subscribe to the Early Years Resource Factory avail of this offer as this is the only way to get access to the Maths through Play curriculum plan.

Learning through Play

The concept of learning through play is very important in modern early years education. Play is the natural way for young people to experiment with new ideas. Using a child-centred approach, we should be working with the child's natural way of interacting and learning rather than trying to force education into an artificial structure (this is especially important with younger children). Children actually love to learn when it is in a playful setting. Many games, stories and songs have connections to maths concepts that are the foundation of a lifetime of learning about maths and numeracy.

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