We have just released 2 new curriculum plans!

One Finger One Thumb is a Curriculum Plan with lots of great games and activities on the theme of building fine motor skills. Easy-to-set-up play spaces and games for a range of ages, finger exercises and many more.

Creating security and teaching young children guidelines for safety regarding their bodies and touch can be a sensitive subject for early years practioners. With a very important new currriculum plan, My Body Belongs to Me, we help you give children the tools they need to create correct boundaries around touch, avoiding the bad kind of "secret keeping" and some guidelines to help them understand what is and is not OK regarding touch and their bodies.

Our curriculum plans are available immediately for no additional cost to subscribers to the Early Years Resource Factory. If you are interested in trying out EYRF, sign up for a no-obligation 7-day trial.

One Finger One Thumb is also available for sale from the Early Years Shop.

All curriculum plans on EYRF and the Early Years Shop are linked to Aistear and Montessori learning areas.

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