Introducing Abstract Thinking in the Early Years

We all think about things in the abstract all the time without even considering that thinking about things this way was something we learned. What is the difference between 'abstract' and 'concrete' thought?

Abstraction is the ability to think about or talk about things that aren't physically present, such as "the day before yesterday" or "the Pacific Ocean". With our new curriculum plan Let's Talk about Time and Money we start to introduce children to two of the most important areas of abstract thought we use in daily life: time and money! We provide a great set of tools for getting kids talking about, thinking about, and playing with concepts of time and money, including activities like "Post Office Role Play", "Coin Rubbing and Matching" and "Making a Timer".

As with all our curriculum plans, we include details of Aistear themes and Montessori areas that relate to each activity. All our curriculum plans are available to Early Years Resource Factory subscribers for no additional cost, or you can purchase Let's Talk about Time and Money at the Early Years Shop.

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