Insurance and Risk Assessment Requests: Thursday Tip

The Canavan Byrne team have been notified by a number of clients that their insurance company are requesting detailed risk assessment, before quoting them this year, especially where there is large climbing equipment or risky play items within their outdoor areas. In a number of cases the insurance company has requested a ROSPA accredited risk assessment which is a UK accreditation but will require it to be done to the same standards.

Ensure that you always keep the manufacturer’s documentation when purchasing equipment and have this on file. This can also be used when risk assessing a particular piece of equipment.

When repairing a piece of equipment it is best to return to the manufacturer if possible. Doing a DIY job can increase risk and exposure and may cost you more in the end.

The above refers to “specialised” risk assessment of specific equipment but you are also obliged as part of your Safety Statement to do a general risk assessment of your buildings and operations. For specialised risk assessment call the CB team and for general risk assessment have a look at our Risk Assessment Pack, available from the Early Years Shop.

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