Idea: Make a Wobbler Gallery

We have a new template on the Early Years Resource Factory for you to create your own wobbler gallery. Upload photos and enter captions to create as many wobblers as you need, then affix them to the wall or a large piece of coloured paper with our 8″ Wobbler Strips (available from the Early Years Shop). Wobbler galleries are great for children's artwork, photos of children's activities, photos and names of your staff, pictures and words to help children learn vocabulary - or use your imagination! And we would love to see your wobbler galleries, please send photos to

Wobbler strips are flexible plastic strips with adhesive on both ends. Stick one end to a wall or anywhere else you want a sign, stick the other to your wobbler sign. You can use wobbler strips for whatever you want to display in a new fun way. Great for displaying Christmas cards! How about sticking one to the front door of your service with a welcome message to families and children?

We also have an eye-catching text wobbler template. Use this for reminders or notices that can really jump out and grab attention. Use these for notices like:
- Don't forget to wash hands
- Sh! Sleeping babies
- Please close door
...or use them as labels around the service to help show children the words for everyday objects.

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