Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Free Aistear Stickers with purchase of 5 or more A Child’s Learning Journey

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We're happy to offer a free pack of our very popular Aistear stickers with any purchase of 5 or more A Child's Learning Journey scrapbooks. This offer is only until the end of March so avail of it today!

How to Use the Aistear Stickers

We're all familiar at this point with Aistear, the curriculum framework for early years education. Our Aistear stickers are a convenient way to add labels identifying Aistear themes and learning goals to artwork, photographs and Aistear assessments/observations. Keep the list of Aistear Themes, Learning Aims and Goals posted where it is easily visible by staff for reference. When you need to identify the Aistear classifications for your documentation, simply choose a colour-coded sticker appropriate to the Aistear Theme, circle the appropriate aim and goal, and stick it on. This is a quick and easy way to make it clear to inspectors that you are aware of, and working within, the Aistear framework.

Remember to educate families about the Aistear framework. One help for this is the Aistear reference in the inside front cover of every A Child's Learning Journey scrapbook. Use the Aistear stickers to label items showing the learning journey through the year and then parents can refer back to the Aistear reference to understand.

A Child's Learning Journey: a great way to document the learning journey through the year

A Child's Learning Journey is a lovely oversize (A3) scrapbook where you can store the child's work, observations, artwork, photographs, or any other precious reminders of their progress through the year. Show the child how much they have to be proud about in their year's experiences and give them access to memories of a very special year! Parents also love to have the Learning Journey as a keepsake and to be able to look back and see everything their child has done through the year.

A Child's Learning Journey has sturdy card covers and the pages are A3 size and heavy weight paper for durability. It has a clear pocket on the front for the child's photo and an "All About Me" page to enter the child's details and handprint.

Group Learning Journal scrapbooks

We also have Group Learning Journal scrapbooks to be used to record the learning journey of all the children in the room. We have two versions of these, one is the Where I Live group learning journal which is a scrapbook themed around the communities the children live in. The Where I Live journal comes bundled with the Where I Live Curriculum Plans. We also have the Christmas Album, our Group Learning Journal which is bundled with our Christmas Curriculum Plans.

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