Funky Feet Music

The Early Years Shop is proud to present the launch of our award winning Funky Feet Music and Movement Programme.  The Funky Feet Programme is perfect for the classroom, P.E. lessons, Early Years settings or just great to dance and sing along to at home. You will find Songs to motivate children to move, developing both the body and brain.

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Music Manuals and CD’s

Learning Through Play CD – 20 Tracks (won the Bronze award with practical pre school 2013)
Draw with your magic finger over the rainbow, stop off to help Mick to fix an aeroplane, go spinning with Teddy, flying with friends, dancing with clowns, as well as sing along to traditional favourites.

Going on a Journey CD – 20 Tracks
Songs to motivate children to move and develop physical skills. Take a ride on the magic carpet whilst we travel around the world to the rhythm of the jungle, the tropical island, the animals of Oz and count the fish in the sea.

Lark in The Park CD – 20 Tracks (won silver award with practical pre school 2014)
Through imaginative play we can drive our jeep, lark in the park, ride a horse to Grandpa Joes, dance with the cowboys, go rocking with Ted, paddling in the sea, running on the spot as well as singing along to traditional favourites.

Chase the Rhythm CD – 20 Tracks (Top Award-Winner 2015)
Songs to motivate children to move developing both body and brain. Dance like a chicken, catch the flavour of the ice cream, enjoy splashing in the puddles, be a rock and roll star, move with the groove to the disco with dough.


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