Funky Feet: Award Winner for the Last 4 Years!

Funky Feet: Award-winning series of interactive music and dance CDs available on the Early Years Shop. Great tool to help with developing fundamental skills in the early years setting. Not to mention FUN for your kids and staff. Get moving, get dancing, have fun learning through rhythm, dance and role play.

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Funky Feet's Going on a Journey CD: Practical Pre-School Award Winner 2016!

Funky Feet is a great series of CDs for children to experience music and dance. These areas are important parts of early years development, and they are fun and engaging for all the children and staff!

Funky Feet songs bring children on fun adventures in their imagination while working on skills like counting, memory and sequencing skills. Many early years educational philosophies including Montessori and Waldorf put importance on the idea of combining physical activities with the development of abstract concepts.

Funky Feet CDs:

Learning Through Play: With a big variety of songs including "Driving a Police Car", "Jump Jump Jump", "Days of the Week" and "Funky Groove", children have fun while working on key areas of development; gross motor skills, relaxation, role play, sequencing, and many others.

Lark in the Park: Another batch of fun songs for children to sing and dance to. They'll also be developing skills like gross motor skills, fine motor skills, positional language, physical exercise, role play, balance and coordination and more!

Chase the Rhythm: Lot's of great "let's pretend" on this CD. Children get to pretend to be walking around with ice cream cones, going to the fair, being ladybirds, having a bath, and more. Also great for working on counting, role play, and development of many other skills.

Going on a Journey: Children travel around the world in their imaginations, visiting Australia, a tropical island, going to the zoo, and even under the sea to visit the fishes!

Instructional Guides for Educators

The CDs all come with instructional guides to help educators. The guides are in the form of sturdy cards for each song, with activities and details of areas of development that are relevant to that song.

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