Fun, Interactive Irish Language Learning with An Mála Mór


Whether your service is a Naoínra or an English-language service, children of all ages are ready to start learning Irish. The best way to learn (especially to learn a language) is through interaction and having fun!

Our An Mála Mór stories are a great way to get into interacting around Irish.

Use the stories as a starting point to initiate discussions with the children (in Irish) - just simple questions and answers are a great beginning to the richer interaction that comes with time.

Meet Teidí. He's a teddy bear who has lots of adventures in Irish. Each book explores a different theme with lots of opportunities for children to learn new Irish vocabulary and enjoy describing the colourful pictures.

Halloween is coming! In Teidí agus an Chailleach

Teidí watches a witch make her potion and the children get to learn some new vocabulary - names for fruit, animals and action words. This is available in a large A3 book or as part of the pack of 6 books in A5 format.

The An Mála Mór Preschool Activity Book has lots of fun activities in Irish (or in English!). Each activity page is linked to an Aistear theme, making them ideal to include in your lesson plans.

The An Mála Mór Story Sacks are a wonderful way to introduce the children to Irish through play and story-telling.

Each story sack includes Teidí himself, who you can use to act out the stories as you read them, as well as lots of other materials around Teidí's stories: a CD-ROM with talking books and games, clothes for Teidí, books, flashcards, teaching tips, and toy furniture that the children can play with as they talk about it in Irish.

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