EYRF in 2016-2017 So Far

The Early Years Resource Factory has been having a productive 2016-2017 school year so far! We've made updates to many of our curriculum plans and we will continue to do so through the year. So far this year, here are the updates and the new curriculum plans we've added to the site:

  • Maths through Play (all new)
  • Shape Detectives (all new)
  • Chinese New Year (updated with new activities)
  • Valentine's Day (updated with new activities)
  • St Patrick's Day (updated with new activities)
  • Spring (updated with new activities)
  • Time and Money (all new)
  • Mother's Day (updated with new activities)
  • In the Garden (updated with new activities)

We're currently working on a new curriculum plan on the theme of Ramadan. Whether you have children in your service who will be observing Ramadan or not there is great benefit in learning about the different religious practices in the world. The Early Years Resource Factory would like to help your service to enrich the children's experience of different cultures around the world and right here in Ireland!

All of our curriculum plans are put together by Canavan Byrne, the childcare specialists, with links to Aistear themes and Montessori learning areas. Remember that DES inspectors will review your curriculum and your Curriculum Statement. If you don't have one, you need to put together a Curriculum Statement that expresses the philosophy of your curriculum. For more information, you can see our past Inspection Tip on the importance of a good Curriculum Statement and good curriculum plans. We also posted a very informative Inspection Tip on the Early-Years Education-Focused Inspections.

Subscribers to the Early Years Resource Factory get unlimited access to our curriculum plans and they are available immediately on release. Some of our curriculum plans are also available through the Early Years Shop as individual products. If you'd like to check out EYRF, you can sign up for a no-obligation free trial today.

Did you know that with EYRF you can create a customised newsletter for your service? This is a simple 1- or 2-page newsletter which we design every month for you to customise as you wish. We provide a number of informative articles (supplied to us by Canavan Byrne) that you can choose from to include, then edit as you wish. Mix and match generally informative content with news about your service. Families love communication from early years services, they love to hear about what's been going on, and we can't stress too much the importance of getting good information out through as many channels as possible.

"A newsletter is an excellent way of developing a strong partnership with parents. It values parents and enhances their involvement with the service." (Siolta Standard 3: Parents and Families)

We've improved the Newsletter Creator interface and we're supplying more content for you to choose from know. We'd love to know what you think! Please do contact us with any feedback on curriculum plans, the newsletter, or anything else you'd like to talk to us about at info@earlyearsshop.ie or (01) 653 5008.

If you aren't interested in trying out the Early Years Resource Factory, you can purchase access to produce your monthly newsletter through the Early Years Shop. Your purchase will also include a downloadable Family Notice; this is an informative poster that you can post every month with important information for children and their families, everything from health issues to day-to-day policies, education, safety, and many more topics.

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