Emergency Medicine and Care Plans: Thursday Tip

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Where medical conditions exist for a child could require emergency medicine you must develop individual medical care plans which will include the management in the event of an emergency relating to the condition. This should be developed in conjunction with the parents and the child’s medical advisers. Where a child has a condition that may require emergency medical treatment staff should be trained on the condition and the treatment. This would include medications like Ventolin, Glucagon or Epipen. Where medication is administered in the case of anaphylaxis or asthma emergency the service will ensure that the emergency services are contacted as soon as is practically possible and the parents and guardians are also contacted as soon as possible. Emergency numbers for the local pharmacist and local medical practitioners should be available within the service.

Services must have:

  • A letter from the child's GP/consultant stating the child's condition and what medication if any is to be administered.
  • Written consent from the parent or guardian allowing staff to administer medication.
  • Proof of training in the administration of such medication by the by a doctor or appropriate health profession or persons recommended by a manufacturer.
  • Consent forms.
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