Dew Superclean: Special Introductory Offer (Save over €5.00!)

Are you looking to use a cleaning product at your Early Years Service that is gentle on surfaces and easy on skin? Are you looking for a product that is kind to the environment and has no harsh chemicals?

Dew Superclean is one of the Dew Product range and is a very powerful cleaner and degreaser that is suitable for use at all Early Years Services. With the majority of services providing kitchen facilities for staff and children attending the service this is the perfect product to ensure all appliances are cleaned to the highest standard! It is great for ovens.

It can be used on kitchen and work top surfaces, in toilet facilities and nappy change areas. It can be used on seated areas such as chairs, couches or benches that may have a soft furnishing finish. It can also be used to remove tough stains on carpets or paint work. In addition, it is also perfect for stainless steel, glass and ceramics due to its non streak formula. Similarly, it is deemed safe to use around food preparation in your kitchen area as it is free from any chemicals.

Dew Superclean - How is it made?

Dew Superclean has no harsh chemicals and is effective against all forms of grease and dirt without the harshness of bleach or other cleaning agents. It is also 100% biodegradable. So how is it made? A small electrical charge is applied to every water molecule in a solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt. The electrical charge divides the brine solution into two highly versatile liquids. Each liquid has either a positive or negative charge. It is the negative charge that creates a liquid highly versatile for cleaning and degreasing applications.

Superclean is made up of 99.6% of water, 0.15% salt, active ingredient: 0.05% sodium hydroxide and 0.2% Cationic Surfactant. It is hypoallergenic, food, child and pet safe. With our special introductory offer you can avail of 1 x 500ml Superclean Spray bottle and 1 x 5 litre Refill. This would cost €25.70 if purchasing individually but you save €5.70 with this new bundle offer! This offer allows you to refill your spray bottle for only €1.88 each time while also reducing your plastic consumption!

Spray liberally onto the surface to be cleaned or degreased, allow some dissolving action to be visible (usually 2-3 minutes) before wiping with an absorbent cloth. If grease is thick, a second application may be required.  Can be applied through spraying equipment, pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, immersion soaks, or small utilities such as sponge or mop. Rinse after use on food preparation areas.  On carpet stains spray and leave for a couple of minutes then use a dabbing action with a cloth or sponge, as opposed to rubbing.



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