Dew Disinfect – An Alternative to Bleach for Kinder Cleaning!

Dew Disinfect is part of the Dew range of eco-friendly and non-alcohol cleaning products available at the Early Years Shop! This product has proven very popular with many early years services over the last year due to the kind but effective ingredients!

Remember bleach is not the only way to kill germs fast! This disinfectant kills germs 30 times faster and is proven to kill 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, pollen and spores within seconds. This product acts as an alternative to bleach and will be kinder on your floors, surfaces, kitchens and bathrooms! Because Dew Disinfect is completely non-toxic and skin-friendly it's a great product to use to clean toys between uses and is safe for use in food areas. It will also be kinder on the environment and those who are using it! Unlike bleach, Dew Disinfect is not harmful if inhaled and does not irritate the skin.

Dew Disinfect - Good Hygiene, Good Health!

Good health and hygiene in your early years service is not just about COVID-19. Returning to the classroom means that children are mixing again and will be open to different cold and flu viruses. As with COVID-19 we need to ensure that we clean and disinfect high touch surfaces and practice good hand hygiene to minimise the spread of these viruses.

Dew Disinfect can be used throughout your service to ensure thorough disinfection on surfaces and objects! It can be used throughout the day for smaller disinfecting requirements and also as part of the end of day regimes! Disinfecting your service regularly will ensure that you are following high hygiene standards thus minimising the risks of various flus and viruses, including COVID-19.

Dew Disinfect - How does it work?

Dew products are made up of 99.84% water, salt (Sodium Chloride) 0.134% and FAC of 0.026%. FAC stands for ‘Free Available Chlorine’. In Dew’s case FAC is comprised of two components, Hypochlorous Acid and Sodium Hypochlorite. Hypochlorous acid is a substance that the human body itself naturally produces in order to fight infections.

The Dew cleansers and disinfectants are made by passing electrical currents through a solution of de-ionised water and high purity salt (Sodium Chloride) in a chamber fitted with a specially designed membrane. This process is known as electrolysis. When Dew (electrolysed water) comes into contact with bacteria the Dew molecules cause an imbalance on the bacteria cell surface, breaking down its defences allowing the Hypochlorous Acid to render it harmless.

Dew Disinfect - Refill and Use Less Plastic!

We all know that plastic use is a global issue but starting at a local level can help to make small changes. Instead of purchasing 'single use plastics' you can make a simple change by moving to refills! Our Dew Disinfect is available in 5 litres and can be used to refill a 500ml bottle 10 times! Doing this is helping the process of reduce, reuse, refill, repeat!

The Dew Range of products also includes non alcolhol Hand Sanitiser, Superclean Cleaner and Degreaser as well as a Hand and Body Foam Wash! All products are made using the same process of electrolysed water and are a great alternative to higher toxin products! Go to the Early Years Shop for more information!

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