NEW! Annual Review for Early Years Services

Under TUSLA’s Regulation 14 (Governance), Early Years Services are expected to conduct a comprehensive Annual Review (in the form of a comprehensive self-assessment). This review will examine the implementation of policies and procedures from the previous year and assess where practices can improve for the future. Under Section 2 (Governance) of the Quality and Regulatory Framework is Regulation 14: Review of a Preschool Service. Tusla states that:

'As a registered provider, you must ensure that the Quality and Safety of the care and service provided to children is reviewed at least once a year in line with the regulations. The review is a formal assessment of the service, including its policies, procedures and statements, with the intention of making changes if necessary. A review of practice helps you to make informed judgements about the quality and effectiveness of the service, with a view to improving the quality of care and education of the children. You must keep a record of the review for three years after it was done.'

This process will help identify where improvements are necessary, and any changes that are required to be implemented going forward. The Review can be carried out at any stage, but should take place at approximately the same time every twelve months.  Where an aspect is identified throughout the Review as ‘High Risk’, then the Review should take priority and be carried out more frequently. 

Annual Review For Early Years Services - How can it help?

Canavan Byrne have now developed a new form pack to enable services to carry out this self assessment. The document has been developed in line with Tusla’s Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF) and the requirements set out for compliance with the Childcare Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016. The pack covers the five main objectives of an annual review which are;

  1. To assess policies, procedures and statements
  2. The assess safety
  3. To assess quality
  4. To identify and make changes
  5. To record outcomes and improvements

The document will support services carrying out the Annual Review in six steps (Identify, Plan, Set Out, Decide, Prepare and Outline). It will ensure services identify the roles and responsibilities of the staff planning and participating in the review. It will allow services plan the steps and methods that will be taken to carry out the review (observations, feedback meetings, questionnaire, checklists, audits etc.) It will show how services set out a proposed time frame for the completion of the review (number of days, hours assigned each day, making a timetable, setting a deadline etc.)

In addition, it will guide services to decide what methods of assessment (audit, observation, feedback etc.) will be assigned to each area of the review.  It will guide services  on how they should prepare the method of Reporting and Closing out of the review (hardcopy, softcopy electronic). As well as the distribution method to any relevant parties. Finally it will outline how the Annual Review record will be contained for the period of 3 years it is required to be kept (hardcopy file, softcopy version or both). To purchase this pack now click below to place your order and you will receive it immediately in a downloadable file. 


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