The 5 emotional stages kids go through during school holidays

They work hard in school during the week, so when a midterm break comes around the kids definitely deserve (and NEED) it. However, while most would choose to be bored over the holidays than to actually be in school, they are bound to go through a few phases from the minute the classroom door closes right up until it's time to return to their desk.

1. Elation

No homework, early mornings, itchy uniforms or squashed lunches for two weeks - oh the joy! In fact, they're so excited they can't quite stop rubbing it in your face, especially if you still have to go to work while they're off.

2. Excitement

Oh the things they will do and see, the games they'll play and the new friends they'll make - this midterm break is going to be the best yet. They've been writing their holiday bucket list since the start of the year, and now they just CANNOT wait to start ticking things off.

3. Boredom

Yes, this slowly seeps in after a few days of playing tip-the-can or watching the same TV shows over and over again (because it hasn't stopped raining since they finished up). This is where you'll start to feel the pressure of the holidays and the sibling bickering begins...

4. Disappointment

Disappointment that they didn’t go on holidays like their friends or sign up to a camp that EVERYONE seems to be doing. The one thing your child will learn during this stage is that life is not fair and just because their friends get to do something, doesn't mean they can as well.

5. Fear

Sunday night fear after a long break is like no other. The fear of going back to school, getting into a routine, doing homework and dealing with early mornings makes them wish for the holidays to start all over again.

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