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Thursday Tip: Making Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Count!

The current times are challenging but there has never been a better opportunity to reflect on your business and career and to make plans for the future. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) describes the learning activities that individuals, teams and professionals engage in to enhance and build upon existing skills. As in any professional organisation we are encouraged to reflect on our learning and decide what and how best to enhance our skills individually and as business owners.  This is a great time to be proactive, as in a dynamic industry such as the Early Years sector we often find our reactions tend to be more reactive. Here are a few tips to consider both before and whilst engaging in Continued Professional Development (CPD).

What CPD will benefit me or my team most ?

As an individual do you struggle in the area of documentation, is this an area in which you would like to improve ?  Decide on your training and make it count.  Think of your individual skills.  How can you make the training work for you?  There are many ways of achieving the same outcome.  A good idea might be to start with an aim in mind and then approach the training with this goal first. List the top five things you have learned as a focus and how you will implement these.  Share with your team and as and when you implement the changes ensure this is added to your CPD record. It is likely that you may come away with much more besides but this may help with focus. The Child-Led Curriculum Planning and Effective Documentation training video as an example can be used for all of the team. A good idea as an owner manager might be to give direction to various staff members to look at the training through a different lens.  One member may view the training from a documentation perspective, another on environments, another on citizenship and so on.  The team then comes together and takes leadership over the particular item they have studied.  

Recording Your CPD

Make sure that you record your CPD, the amount of time given, including work after the training.  Include the Why? and What? next to this documentation.  This will really help to support the quality recommendations under the DES inspection tool kits. As you reflect on the needs of your business you may discover further training requirements. If there are any requirements you feel we can assist you with then please let us know at Don’t forget to check out the wonderful training opportunities over on the Training Academy webpage.  We look forward to continuing to support you in all aspects of your business and personal development.  In the meantime Stay Safe!