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Thursday Tip: Guide to a Performance Improvement Plan

Where a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is being considered for implementation with an employee, here are some tips to act as a guide to the process.

10 Step Guide to Implementing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

  1. Deal with any issues early.
  2. Discuss/Explain, using clear examples, the reason a PIP is being considered/implemented.
  3. Outline expectations and a clear timeframe (ensure it is not unreasonably long!).
  4. Ensure you have a PIP template to record and track expectations and improvements.
  5. Refer to the PIP template at each opportunity to record the progress/results.
  6. Recap on any training required and offer supports to achieve and improve.
  7. Give sufficient opportunity for the employee to respond and improve.
  8. Hold regular PIP review meetings.
  9. Grant an opportunity to extend the Performance Improvement Plan timeframe where an employee is at risk of unsuccessful completion.  Clearly communicate (in writing) following the extension, that a disciplinary may be invoked in the case where an employee is further unsuccessful.
  10. Sign off on the PIP (employee and manager) at beginning and end, and at every review meeting.