Tummy Time Poster: This Week’s Friday Freebie

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Tummy Time Poster is this week’s Friday Freebie from Canavan Byrne. This poster can be hung in any care room as a reminder to practitioners of the benefits of tummy time for young babies. The poster outlines the list of benefits from four different areas (Motor Development, Neurological and Cognitive, Sensory Benefits and Additional Benefits).

It also includes a list of the points that a childcare practitioner should note before doing Tummy Time with a baby – including where to place toys, how to encourage and support the baby and how to avoid over stimulation.

Tummy Time Poster Outlines

Motor Development 

  • Muscle development in core muscles such as back, neck, shoulders and arms.
  • Improves Posture and Balance
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills

Neurological and Cognitive

  • Improves hand-eye coordination and whole-body coordination
  • Growing Spatial Awareness
  • Offers oppotunities for Problem Solving
  • Improves focus and concentration

Sensory Benefits

  • Promotes exploration of senses
  • Offers opportunity for sensory processing and integration
  • Supports ability to adapt to different environments

Additional Benefits

  • Provides Babies with choice and gives them a sense of automony
  • Supports bonding between babies and practitioners
  • Promotes independence and motivation
  • Fosters their natural curiosity

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