St. Patrick’s Day Irish Music Day Activity: Friday Freebie

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St. Patrick’s Day Irish Music Day Activity is this week’s Friday Freebie from Canavan Byrne. As we approach the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this is a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of Irish music within the community and as part of our national culture.

This activity will help children to learn about musical instruments, the names, types, how they work and what sound comes from each one. If you don’t have physical instruments, pictures of the various instruments can be printed off. Enquire within the community if anyone could come and play an instrument for the children. This would give them first hand experience of what the instruments sound like and how they are used.

This activity could be done over one day or a number of days in the lead up to St. Patrick’s Day. It will help children in the Aistear area of Identity & Belonging as they learn about the traditions of Ireland. It also encourages children to learn about music and will help them to understand where the sounds from the music they hear everyday come from.

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