Shape Detective Sorting Activity: Friday Freebie

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Shape Detective Sorting Activity Sheet is this week’s Friday Freebie from Canavan Byrne. This activity was taken from the Shape Detectives pack. This pack is suitable for all ages to begin learning some basic math concepts. Furthermore, it encourages children to start thinking about spatial relationships and investigations of physical reality.

Many mathematical ideas depend on comparison, knowing what is meant by same and different. Things which are exactly the same can be matched with one another. Things which are different can be sorted into sets. A set is a group of things that have something in common. All sorting and matching activities can help children to develop discrimination skills.

Shape Detective Sorting Leaves & Other Every Day Items 

The desire to sort and classify is often triggered off by having large quantities of things to examine. A big bag full of autumn leaves might encourage the children to sort them in lots of different ways such as;

  • According to colour
  • According to shape
  • Shiny ones
  • Dull ones
  • Intact ones
  • Damaged ones
  • Ones which smell nice and so on

This is just one example but there are many ways to do this in class with blocks, lego, toys, crayons, play dough, seashells – the list is endless! There are many advantages to this activity including physical development, communication and language, mathematics and understanding the world.

This is a great activity to lead on from children’s emerging interests if they talk about maths, same and different, colours, shapes etc. This Shapes Activity was created by the team at Canavan Byrne and you can download your FREE copy now at 

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