Safety Briefing Template: This Week’s Friday Freebie


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The Quality and Regulatory Framework published in September 2018 specifies what should be contained in your First Aid Box. We have made this into a checklist which we are giving away as this week’s Friday Freebie.
Within early years settings there is a huge emphasis on good risk management and services use a range of risk assessment checking documents to ensure the building and its operations are safe and the welfare of children is not compromised. These range from daily care-room and outdoor checks to an annual full risk assessment. They also include risk checking if there is a garda vetting disclosure and of course every outing needs a good risk management system.

Sometimes it is necessary to risk assess an event and there may not be a ‘ready-made’ template available for this. Such events might include the end of year graduation ceremony when family and friends attend or when the fire engine comes to visit. It is important that when an event is planned it is properly risk assessed. Today’s Friday Freebie is a template of a Safety Briefing that can be carried out in advance of such events.

The Safety Briefing Template is part of the Risk Assessment Pack available from the Early Years Shop.

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