Risk Assessment – Manager’s Morning Check – Friday Freebie!


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This week’s Friday Freebie is our Risk Assessment – Manager’s Morning Check which is part of our Risk Assessment Pack. Each morning the manager must verify the key risk areas are assessed and dealt with. This sheet is a weekly checklist to help give you a structured approach to making sure you are preventing risk where possible, creating accountability for assessing hazards, and documenting your adherence to your requirements around risk assessment which will be important in case of inspection or if you do experience any unfortunate accident or incident in your service. Risk management is central to Tusla inspections – be sure you are compliant!

Remember, you should also be documenting all accidents and incidents with a copy of your report for the parents, a copy to file in the child’s file, and a copy to remain with the accident reports for the room. Our Accident and Incident Book is currently the only one available that ensures full compliance for Tusla inspections.

Risk Assessment – Manager’s Morning Check in Your Early Years Service, recommended products:

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