Pest Control Maintenance Record: This Week’s Friday Freebie

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The Pest Control Maintenance Record should be used to keep a record of pest control within your service. The record allows you to record all information including the company checking and recording, the number of pest control points recorded, the type of pest control used, location of each pest control point, evidence of rodent/pest activity and the action taken. Pest Control Checks should take place regularly and consistently in a service. The frequency of checks should increase to daily checks should an infestation be noted or suspected.

Pest Control Measures in Childcare Services includes; Vermin Rodents (mice and rats), Insects (flies, bees and wasps), Locations of Nesting Birds (bird droppings can pose serious poisonous harm to children if they are accidentally ingested) and Weeds (nettles and thorns).

Rubbish can attract vermin and other unwanted pests. Ensure that correct methods of disposal and storage of all refuse (including food, nappies and general waste) are in use. Outdoor area bins should be stored in appropriate, secure locations that are fully inaccessible to children and out of proximity to their care rooms and outdoor play areas. Please note also that some children may have serious (yet unknown) allergies to bee sting and extra caution and vigilance should be taken during Spring/Summer and high pollen periods.

Please note: Fly-guards/screens are required over windows in all kitchen areas or where food is stored/prepared. These should be professionally fitted to the size and type of windows. Additional Electrical insect killers (blue lights) can be used. Bait boxes or traps should always be fully inaccessible and out of reach of children.

Pesticides or weed killers should only be used and applied if required out of hours when there are no children present. Weed Killer or Pesticide product should be applied at a minimum of 24 hours prior to the expected return of any children to the area. All hazardous materials should be clearly labelled and stored securely in locked units that are fully inaccessible to all children.


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