Parent’s Guide to Starting in Early Years Service: This Week’s Friday Freebie

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Our Friday Freebie for this week is a Parent’s Guide to Starting their Children in a New Early Years Service. This is a great handout for families and will demonstrate your commitment to helping their children through all their difficult transitions.

This Parent’s Guide is taken from our newly updated Transitions Pack. Stability is one of the most important things in young children’s lives. A safe, stable environment is key to optimal development and learning. But all children have to cope with changes and transitions. Transitions can take many forms:

  • the first start a child makes from home to an early years service
  • the daily transition from home to service and back again
  • the transition from one activity to another
  • the transition from indoor to outdoor (or vice versa)
  • the transition from one room to another
  • the transition from early years setting to primary school

Our Transitions pack has all the policies, activities and guidelines you’ll need to manage transitions properly.

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