Parent’s Guide to Transitioning Back after COVID-19: This Week’s Friday Freebie

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This week’s Friday Freebie is taken from the upcoming Back to Work Rescue Pack from Canavan Byrne. We know there is tremendous need for this pack across the early years sector with all the preparations necessary to get back to some form of normal soon!

Download the Parent’s Guide to Transitioning Back after COVID-19 for free. You can print it as a handout for parents when they are back in your service and/or download it now and email it out to help them to prepare for their child coming back and all the new ways we’ll have to do things.

The leaflet includes lots of helpful tips on how parents can help their children prepare to return, how to help with the transition back, and some great links to child-friendly videos on hand-washing and hygiene, social distancing, and more.

Looking forward to the COVID-19 Back to Work Rescue Pack? We’ll be releasing it early next week! When you make your order now for the Friday Freebie just accept being added to our mailing list and we’ll notify you when the pack is ready on the shop.

Other Preparations for Going Back to Work

We have a great range of COVID-19 Back to Work products to prepare your service with child-friendly social distancing floor stickers, laminated hand washing guides, sanitising stations and hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, masks (including KN95 disposable masks and eco-friendly washable 3-ply cotton masks).


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