October 2017 Create Your Own Newsletter


Product Description

Create your own customised 1- or 2-page newsletter for October 2017.

“A newsletter is an excellent way of developing a strong partnership with parents. It values parents and enhances their involvement with the service  ” (Siolta Standard 3 : Parents and Families)

Include any news about your service, important upcoming dates, hellos and goodbyes to staff and students, or anything else that might be of interest. Your newsletter can be printed on any desktop printer. Newsletters are a great way to increase the profile of your service. You can hand them out to parents, or build a mailing list and use your newsletter as a promotional tool.

For every monthly newsletter, our partners, Canavan Byrne, provide a brief welcome message, some facts about the current month and any holidays, as well as an additional article of interest to families and educators. You can include this content as-is or edit as needed.

Along with being able to create your own newsletter, we will also give you free access to our monthly Family Notice for October. This is an informative notice you can post in your service with helpful information on all sorts of children/family issues.

These printables are part of the Early Years Resource Factory , where for a small quarterly subscription, you get unlimited access to a range of printables, including Notices and Records, Information about Your Staff, Curriculum Plans, Newsletters, Family Notices, and more.