Macaroni Cheese Recipe: This Week’s Friday Freebie

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Healthy Eating is our current theme in the Early Years Shop. This week’s Friday Freebie is a wonderful recipe for Macaroni Cheese from certified nutritionist Sarah Keogh. Canavan Byrne recently contracted Sarah Keogh to come up with great healthy recipes for Early Years services and some sample menu plans. Canavan Byrne then added a Healthy Eating Policy that you can customise for your service. Altogether these great tools for healthy eating make up our Meal Planning and Healthy Eating Pack.

All of the recipes Sarah provided are cross-referenced with a list of allergens. Remember that you need to post details of children with important health issues such as allergies – also remember that these details should not be publicly visible and need to be covered! See our Anaphylaxis Medical Care Plan.

Staff and families should be made aware of your Healthy Eating Policy. Having great policies and procedures in place around food safety and health is also an important part of being prepared for inspection.

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