Parents Guide to Choosing an Early Years Service: Friday Freebie!


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We have received a lot of calls since the RTE Investigates programme “Behind Closed Doors” aired and wish to acknowledge the deep upset and stress caused by this programme to parents, guardians, providers and staff. Providers have been busy reassuring parents about the standards of care and education to the children in their services. Many of them have asked us for a step-by-step guide for parents on choosing care and education, although there are many resources available on-line already.

We have put together a booklet which aims to educate parents on what they should look for in a service and highlights some key areas. You can personalise it for your early years service by adding your logo and name. We hope you find it beneficial. You can add to it if you like, and use some or all of it.

The health, safety, happiness and well-being of every child is central to what you do and therefore it is important to get this message across to parents and indeed the general public.