Graduation Ceremony Letter: This Week’s Friday Freebie!


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Our Friday Freebie this week is a Graduation Ceremony Letter you can send home with the children in your service to tell parents about your upcoming graduation ceremony. Let them know why even at this age it is important to mark the occasion of graduating to “big school” and preparing for that transition.

Graduation ceremonies can be really fun. Why not make your graduation ceremony into a great party with games for children and adults? Short speeches can be appropriate. Can you think of some silly things that might have happened over the course of the year and remind children about some of their fun and funny experiences. Remember that your speeches should be fun for the children and adults. One idea is to have the children collaborate on writing an end-of-year poem ahead of time that can be read out at the ceremony. Writing silly poems together can be great fun.

A small gift for each family can be appropriate. Maybe something like a mini plant pot or some inexpensive art supplies. Another farewell gift idea is a goodie bag with a few sweets and a small toy.

Have you considered creating Graduation Certificates? We think these are a wonderful thing for the family to frame and hang on the wall, and some day this may be the first of many certificates the children can hang with pride to show their academic accomplishments! Our Early Years Resource Factory members have access to Graduation Certificate templates (along with hundreds of other customisable printables!). We also give free downloadable Graduation Certificates with every purchase of 5 or more graduation cap-and-gown sets, as well as a lovely customisable graduation banner for no extra charge.

New for 2019 we are offering the tassels with year charms on their own. This is very handy if you have purchased gowns last year that you would like to re-use this year. The family can then keep the tassel and year charm as a souvenir of the special day!

And remember, if you do want to order your graduation gowns for a guaranteed delivery date, place your pre-order with us now for only a small deposit per gown.

Graduation Ceremonies are great for the early years services, and we are also aware that primary schools and secondary schools will be hosting their graduation ceremonies as well! On the Early Years Shop we have caps and gowns in larger sizes along with tassels and year charms for the bigger children as well.