Funky Feet: Going On A Journey (TOP Award Winner 2016)

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Songs to motivate children to move, developing physical skills. Take a ride on
the magic carpet whilst we travel around the world to the rhythm of the jungle,
the tropical island, the animals of Oz and count the fish in the sea. Going on a
journey makes learning fun!


  • Funky Feet Music Manual will show you the words and suggested actions for each song.This guide will help you to encourage children’s creativity and active participation in music and movement.Includes 20 pages of instructions and comes in a clear plastic folder.
  • Each CD includes 20 Tracks
  1. Goes like this (Memory & Sequencing, Directional Language)
  2. Day at the zoo (Memory & sequencing, Echo Singing)
  3. Rumble in the Jungle (Steady Beat, Listening Skills, Fine Motor)
  4. Have you Ridden (Traditional, Jungle Animals, Movement)
  5. Be a solider marching round the world (World Knowledge, Traditional Instruments)
  6. Driving my bus through London Town (Positional Language, Famous Landmarks)
  7. Flying with wings(Classical Music, Creative Movement)
  8. Travel around the wolrd (remix) (Movement, Role Play)
  9. Land of Oz (Gross Motor, Role Play, Aussi Animals)
  10. Spaghetti Bolognaise (World Music, Role Play)
  11. Paddle in the sea (Circle Dance, Counting, Team Work)
  12. Here we go Lou B Lou (Traditional, Circle Dance)
  13. I forgot my Hat (Summer Version) (Memory, Sequencing, Repeated Phrases)
  14. It’s a tropical Life for me (Role Play, Movement)
  15. In the Deep Blue Sea (Parachute, Counting, Eye Tracking)
  16. Latino Latino (Instrument Playing, Crossing Midlines)
  17. Magic Carpet (Teamwork, Contrasting Movement)
  18. Moonlight Sonata/Arrical of Queen of Sheba (Classics, Instrumental Contrasting Tempo)
  19. Holiday Conga (Gross Motor, Co-ordination, Teamwork)
  20. Five Little Fishes (Fine Motor, Numeracy, Role Play)

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