Garda Vetting Disclosure Risk Assessment: Friday Freebie


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All disclosures, even for minor traffic offences, must be risk assessed and the risk assessment must be kept on the employee’s file. This will be inspected by the TUSLA Inspectorate team. Today’s Friday Freebee is a Garda vetting Disclosure Risk Assessment template from our comprehensive Risk Assessment Pack.

Risk should be assessed in relation to the individual in terms of the risk due to the disclosed offence. In some cases, the relationship between the offence and the position the individual has applied for will be clear enough to take a decision as to whether or not the individual is suitable for employment with the service. Points to consider are:

  • Offences concerned with larceny, fraud and theft are crimes of deception and may be a behavioural indicator.
  • Child Protection or related offences.
  • Breaches in trust e.g. fraud.
  • Offences against property e.g. arson, armed robbery.
  • Drug related charges/convictions (particularly possession for sale or supply).
  • Offences against the person e.g. assault, harassment, coercion.
  • Offences against the state.

The risk will be assessed by the person in charge. Assessment of the risk of the employee together with the offence:

In carrying out this assessment, the following factors in addition to other relevant case specific concerns should be considered and documented in support of the recommendation to either stay on the current work assignment or transfer to a more suitable one.

  • The seriousness of the offence and its relevance to the safety of the children.
  • The length of time since the offence was occurred.
  • The age of the applicant at the time.