Funky Feet Music and Dance Samples: 2 Free Songs in today’s Friday Freebie


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We are very happy to provide two free downloads for you today! These are songs from the Funky Feet series in mp3 format. Along with each song comes a printable educator’s guide with instructions, lyrics, movements, correspondence to learning areas and Aistear themes as well as observation opportunities and learning extension.

When you order any of the Funky Feet music and dance modules, you will receive a package with a CD, and individual high-quality glossy A4 cards for each song with a picture on one side to hold up for the children to see, and educator’s materials on the reverse.

Funky Feet is an award-winning programme to get children singing, dancing and moving together. The benefits of music and dance in the early years are well-known and include helping develop coordination, working together, self-expression, and (maybe most importantly), fun!

Our first free download is the song “Chick-a-Chicken” from the new Funky Feet module Pop Like Popcorn. Other songs from Pop Like Popcorn include “Walk the Balance Beam” (balance, gross motor, directionality), “Fruit Salad” (healthy eating, fine motor), “Pirate Dance” (role play, gross motor, balance) and many more!

Special Offer!

Purchase Pop Like Popcorn in the month of May 2019 and get 15% off on any of the other Funky Feet modules: Learning Through Play, Going on a Journey, Lark in the Park, and Chase the Rhythm

The second free download, “A Day at the Zoo”, is from the Going on a Journey module. Going on a Journey includes 19 other tracks including “Driving my Bus through London Town” (Positional Language, Famous Landmarks), “Here we go Lou B Lou” (Traditional, Circle Dance) and “Magic Carpet” (Teamwork, Contrasting Movement).

We hope you and the children in your service really enjoy singing, dancing and moving along!

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