First Aid Box Checklist: Friday Freebie


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The Quality and Regulatory Framework published in September 2018 specifies what should be contained in your First Aid Box. We have made this into a checklist which we are giving away as this week’s Friday Freebie.


  • To add this checklist to each First Aid Box and sign off monthly.
  • To check that all items in the Box are in date. Check expiry dates!
  • To ensure the First Aid Box is conspicuous and easily accessible.
  • Not to store medicines or creams in the First Aid Box. These should be stored separately.

The First Aid Box Checklist is just one of the records available in the Health Pack available on the Early Years Shop which also includes forms to handle allergies, sun safety, medication, immunisation and more.

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If you would like to read more about first aid and safety in your service, check out this News item from last year: Manage Accidents in Early Years Services.